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A big hit right out of the box!

I used the game during speech and language therapy sessions. The kids enjoyed both the "Go Fish" style of play and the matching game. They also responded very positively to the illustrations.

Great game for describing!

I’m an SLP and mom. I bought this game for my 4 year old and to use with school aged kids in therapy. I loved the artwork and I have enjoyed using it with a variety of students.


My kids love go-fish, this is a wonderful and engaging way to get them to play while working on creating sentences, describing and using adjectives. I got this in my SpeechCube this month (check them out too!), and cannot speak highly enough. Thanks for this cute game!

So Simple & So Much Fun

This is such a marvelous game -- from the first round it continually makes you laugh and think ... Brilliant!

Half Match is monstrously good!

Love this game! We play it with grandkids of all ages.

A Fantastic Game

I can’t recommend this game highly enough for the any and all children. As an educator I find it very helpful for building language skills and practice slowing down to focus on details. The family members and students that I’ve played it with all LOVE it! It is now my go-to gift for all do the children in my life and I think would be an excellent party favor gift as well. Thank you and please continue making more games!

Great birthday gift ideas

We are really excited to be giving the game as gifts for upcoming birthdays. Sounds like such an educational, family-friendly game!

Half Match: Monster Edition
Sherry Richardson
So many ways to play!

My 4 year old and I loved this game!! We started our super simple with memory and will continue to introduce new ways of playing with him! We like the simplicity of the cards! Thanks minds that play!

9, 5, and 3 year old all love it!

We've played it for hours since we got it just last week. It's hilarious to hear what the kids come up with as descriptors for the monsters. Really challenges them to think about it. They're all trying to be more specific than the last kid. Good times.

Fun for all ages

My nephew loves this game and my niece who is 2 still loves matching and looking at the pink monsters. We have all gotten some laughter out of it while the kids are learning. Any teacher or parent should purchase this game.

Half Match: Monster Edition
Jennifer Chakravorty
Endless fun with all the benefits!!!

This game is Amazing! My 9 year with special needs and my typically developing 7 year old both LOVE it! They can play it with or without an adult (an option this mamma loves). The matches are endless which makes the game different each time. The game is silly and fun, while also working on focus, language and memory. My kids have found new ways to play with the game on their own. I am buying a bunch to keep on hand to give as gifts! I cannot recommend this game enough for therapists & moms (and the little monster kid in me)!

Perfect gift!

I don’t have children of my own but with a three-year-old nephew and friends who have children ranging between the ages of 6-9 Half Match was the perfect gift (especially during quarantined times!). All the kids have really enjoyed it and the parents are grateful for a new activity that’s both fun and educational. I love the design of the monsters and the high quality of the card stock. My “Auntie” score certainly went up a notch for sending this game to friends and family!

Great for work and home!

I'm a school speech-language pathologist. One of my colleagues suggested this game. I decided to try it out with my 8 year old twin boys. They had so much fun playing it and told me I can't take it to work with me. I'm going to need to buy another one for work. It's a great game that requires a lot of expressive language and listening. It's a new favorite at home, and I'm sure it will be a hit at work, too.

Kids love it!

My daughter is crazy about those cute-overload monsters! I'm already thinking about getting another set!